“Travelling with easy luggage” (travel coat for Estonia)

“Yes, the coat is made out of `real money´” –
to answer the first question, most people ask to me, when they see this art work.
The "travel coat for Estonia" is made out of 10 Krooni bank notes; they are sewed together with my sewing machine and then woven to get the shape of the coat
(measure: 140 x 110 cm). These bank notes are belonging to the past;
Estonia has changed in January 2011 to the Euro.

"Travelling with easy luggage" - invitates you to imagine stories about travelling with this coat: at the bakery I take off two bank notes to pay my bread;
at the train station I can't find my scissors for cutting off the notes for my ticket – this causes some disturbance in the queue waiting behind me. ...

I can highly recommend sewing bank notes together to everyone:
you`ll really feel exhilarated and and very lively!
It took me quite a while to sew all this bank notes together – and I had time to think:
I was only sewing ´printed paper`; long time ago we agreed to call this "money" and attached a real value to this material.
Questions concerning the value of our "paper money" are woven into this coat.
Questions about the "energy of money" as a mirror for our desires and wishes.
Questiones about the stagnation of money and the "cash flow".

Tad Crawford writes in his book "The secret life of money":
"If we believe in money, it does not matter, whether it has the form of coins, bank notes, stone wheels, grain, tobacco, teeth or feathers...We have to believe in it's value, before we accept it as payment. In the broadest sense, money is a means of communication...We can also say, that money is energy or an action potential...When money is involved, it's not only about the financial transaction of individuals, companies or countries, but also about the deeper questions, how life energy is used how people live together."

To me it's although a symbol, how connected we are on this planet.
When our heart is touched - even from far away - it will have an influence on our life!