Protective Mantle Project

Who wants to take part in the “Protective Mantle” Project?
500 contributors needed

With her “Protective Mantel” Project, artist Astrid J. Eichin aims to set a sign during the current Corona crisis. She is working on an oversized Protective Mantel, which will radiate a feeling of comfort and security. For this group project she is looking to recruit 500 participants.

The motif of the protective Mantle goes back hundreds of years, occupying an important role in the cultural history of Europe. From as far back as the Middle Ages we have depictions of the Virgin Mary sheltering the faithful under her mantle and hereby offering comfort and protection.

Illegitimate children became legitimate if their mother took them under her mantle during the wedding ceremony. Fugitives could gain clemency by fleeing under the mantle of a high-ranking person who thus took them under their protection.

In times of crisis the Protective-Mantle motive takes on special meaning. Astrid J. Eichin has been planning this art project for a long time, but the current uncertainty faced by many people has giving the impetus to bring the project to fruition.

The “Protective Mantle” project will be a composite work of approximately 500 participants. It will comprise of around 1000 individual protective hands, which will be sown together. Every participant will embroider a small piece of the mantle, taking their own hands as a starting point. The saying “Many hands make light work” fits this project very well.


Embroiderers are free in how they wish to design the hands for the Protective-Mantle Project. This is an example

Once completed, the “protective mantle” will reach a height of more than 3 meters. It will not only make an impact by looking at it, but also by being able to lie in it, by feeling the fabrics and the effects from the many hands which have stitched it together.

These days we are asked to keep our distance, but we are also trying to stay connected. Astrid Eichin’s “Protective-Mantle Project” in its conception offers a special way in which to stay connected to one another.

Those stitching a pair of hands do this in their own home, but in the knowledge that they are part of a big communal project. The knowledge that we as humans are in need of protection is especially during times of crises very present, but also the awareness that to act jointly can create safety. This is maybe one of the most lasting lesson taught by this crisis.


For those interested in taking part in the project, and are willing to embroider a pair of hands,
further information can be found here.

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The community project _Eye-Mantle_ „I see“ was made in 2017 in collaboration with refugees.
Embroiderers are free in how they wish to design the hands for the Protective-Mantle Project. This is an example:

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